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I have built my computer over a month ago, and my psu has been working fine (as in it powers everything correctly as far as i know). But a couple of weeks ago it started to make this clicking noise, but it would go away after a while. But i have noticed it is taking much longer for that noise to go away and it seems like it doesn't go away anymore. I'm not sure whats wrong, i have isolated the noise to be that psu, its probably the fan but i am not sure. Its a very obnoxious clicking noise.

Its the regular version (not gold), how do i fix this? anyone else have this problem?
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  1. That psu noise is probably from its fan (bearings or blades) and will not get better. If the psu is under warranty, call Coolermaster. See their website. It's toll-free. Tell them your "Silent Pro" isn't because it "clicks"and you want them to issue a RMA to replace it at no charge (except the cost to ship it back to them). Do not open the psu. That would void the warranty and can be very dangerous. Replace the psu even if its warranty is over. If and when it fails, it can destroy your MB, memory and CPU. In the future, you might want to read reviews of psu's from Toms or JohnnyGuru b4 u buy one that is not on the recommended lists.
  2. stick to good brands like seasonic, corsair, antec, etc. cooler master is good but not usually recommended
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