Netbook - a disc read error occured press ctrl, alt, del to restart

My advent netbook isn't going past the advent loading screen, and comes up with 'a disc read error occurred, press ctrl alt del to restart' I am unsure what to select after i get into bios. There are many options and i'm unsure what each does. The netbook was damaged by my dad throwing a lighter at it and was wondering if something inside has been misplaced. There is no cd/dvd drive so no option of reinstalling windows XP.
I have little clue on computers and would need step by step guidence.
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  1. Dear friend,
    your netbook harddisk may be damaged..... donot worry, it may also possible that it detached from its socket,if so then attached it.& if you want to install xp then download "WINTOFLASH SOFTWARE".After download ,run the programme in a another computer, & before it you have to copy "window xp"in a single folder in that is also a require a minimum 4GB PEN-DRIVE. Because you have to boot the xp through that pen drive. if y want any difficulties then kindly mail in "".
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