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i want to know the max temp of sapphire hd 5850 my load temp is 90C :o
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  1. is your card overclocked by any chance? is your case open? remember, closing your case can cool your components down with EAF!! ( Effective Air Flow)

    just my thought

  2. That does seem high, With a good case it should hover around the 72 mark, Is it overclocked?

    Please supply the case and exact model of the sapphire graphics card your currently using, and also your location and maximum upgrade/repair amount your willing to pay.
  3. Crank up the fan speed...my 4890's do about 62c with 65% fan speed.
  4. he must have the fan on "auto"..
  5. Also, defining "load" is good (furmark vs. a game).
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