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I want to improve amateur video editing (AVCHD rushes with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5) on my PC, with minimum cost.
Mobo: Asus P5K Premium
CPU: Quad core Q6600
RAM : 4 GB (3.25 under Xp) XMS DDR2
GC: GeForce 8600GT 256 MB
Windows XpProSp3

If only increasing Ram to 8 MB and switch to Win7 Pro 64 bit :
What is the best choice among Nvidia Cuda Graphic Cards ? ...
For less than 300 USD ?
Thank you for help
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  1. Up your a little. That Q6600 would struggle with the video editing part. Otherwise, below $300 you can get GTX460 and somewhat around that you can get the GTX470.
  2. Before you jump into an $800 video editing program, why don't you try a $50 program like Pinnacle Studio 14 HD which is what I'm using? It works okay with an e8400 and even better with a Q9400. It's an easy program to use (check youtube reviews) and you won't have to spend any cash, invest huge cash on new hardware until you're certain video editing will be a permanent hobby.

    Another cheaper option is this :

    You get a transcoding videocard and video editing program for $125 that will give you two to three times more performance than an Nvidia card running CUSA optimized video editing program.
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