I'm a DJ and I just purchased a computer with an spdif output. On my previous computer, i just had a regular headphone output out to a mixer and connects to my mixer. I cant seem to get the same sound or at least a good sound on the new labtop with the spdif. What do I do?
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  1. Might help if we also knew what the old laptop was as well.

    You said you can't get "good sound". Is that from the SPDIF, or the new laptops headphone out?
  2. Hello,
    First of all thanks for the quick response. Here are the specs of my labtop.

    ASUS N73J
    WINDOWS 7 premuim
    SONIC MASTER proven audio fidelity by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower
    Realtek HD
    Virtual DJ
    spdif headphone out
    I connect to a small mixer (Behringer xenyx 1202FX) to 2 subwooferss and 2 mackies with an audio cable (1/8, 1/4) from the spdif out from the labtop. Hope this helps.
  3. Well, SPDIF is a digital format, so quality should be more or less flat...I assume by "Headphone output", you mean the analog output, right? If so, there would be a difference in quality due to the nature of analog/digital sound processing. [For audio: Analog >>>> Digital]
  4. I've tried changing the settings in the Virtual DJ and also messed with the mixer, but still the sound doesnt sound as good as the other labtop which is a Dell.
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