Tyan S2927 boot problem

I've been given a Tyan S2927G2NR motherboard which they didn't manage to get working. As I already have a working S2915, I thought I'd give it a go at getting it working.
The state so far is that I've put in a known working 8218 in CPU1 and added some memory into p1-dimm 3&4. Having connected up the power supply, I just get the CPU fan powering up and the POST code display seems to just go through a series of numbers ( to quick to say what they are ). This is all it seems to do - the monitor doesn't seem to come off standby ( I've tried the on-board and external displays ).
I've tried resetting the BIOS, in case there are any random settings been made. But this doesn't seem to change things.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions... I would try connecting up a speaker - but I can't find where to connect it too :-/
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  1. After ignoring it for a while - I finally got back to trying to sort this out. Transplanted various bits from known working machines and it now boots :)
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