[ASK] build komputer for 3d modeling

this computer dedicated for 3dmax n other 3d modeling aplication, so game is not so important.

1. Phenom II X6 1055T
2. Foxconn A9DA
3. Elixir 4x4Gb PC 10600 OC with Heatsink(much much ram for displacement in 3dmax)
4. Leadtek Quadro FX 580
5. Cooler Master HYPER 212 Plus HYPER 212 (probably ill OC this on 3,6-4Ghz, is it enough?)
6. Asus DVD rw
7. seagate 500G (is it bottle neck?)
8. LG e2250V led
9. PSU (?)
10. chasing (the cheapest but large enough for hsf / model isnt important)

- if u can optimize the money, or have a response, plz, correct my list.

-best regards-
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  1. By your name, I assume you are a fellow Indonesian, correct? If you are, I'm from Jakarta. :D It's pretty rare to see an Indonesian in this forum. I thought I'm the only one.

    Well, I'd say the 6-core CPU is a good start. You already know that multi-threaded application benefits from more cores.

    I'm not familiar with the Motherboard. Foxconn? I guess you're considering the 14 USB ports there. Consider USB 3.0 motherboards if it's applicable. Otherwise, just stick to the one you've chosen. Maybe the others can give a better insight regarding this issue.

    As for the RAMs, 4 x 4GBs, huh? I'll let the more experienced members here to give their opinion on that issue (since this is the first time I heard a 4GB DDR3 RAM Module).

    And that Leadtek GPU is in Rupiah currency. Now I'm 100% positive that you're an Indonesian.

    Planning to OC, huh? Again, since this is not my specialty, I'll let the more experienced members here to give their opinion.

    Bottleneck at the HDD? Not likely, but the size is somewhat small considering your usage profile. And you might want to consider using SSD for the OS, which I believe will be between Windows XP to 7. Although I would recommend the new Windows 7.

    The ODD is okay. Get the fastest one if it's an essential part of your work.

    I'm not so sure about the LG display for graphic designing purposes. Like the rest of the items I don't understand, I'll let the others be the judge of that.

    As for PSU, make sure you have enough headroom for the OC. Again (this is starting to make me look stupid :P), the others might have a better insight on this issue.

    Finally, the PC case. Make sure you have enough ventilation. Some experienced people here said that a a case with a top fan will help with the cooling. Then again, overclocking is never my major. So I guess I'm not in title to speak.

    That's all I can suggest. Just wait for the others with definitely better suggestions post their comments.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: typos... :P
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  3. sorry i didnt get how use multiquote :D

    @ moderator, sorry for miss room. tx for move me
    @ damasvara, ur hipotize just like sherlock holmes. im indonesian (shall wes use indonesian? i guess the moderator will get more job to translate it)
    i also deleted the quadro prize.. LOL
    btw, all we can do now is waiting for the other member to reply it. zzZZzzZZzz
  4. Thank you for the compliment. Although I prefer to be associated with Conan Edogawa as in the anime "Detective Conan", but Sherlock Holmes sounds kinda cool... :sol:

    Well, it's already past midnight here in Jakarta. And I left one of my crystal shoes somewhere :lol:

    Let's hear it from the others by tomorrow.

    A little bahasa Indonesia won't hurt: Selamat malam, Pak Bambang... (That means "Good night, Mr. Bambang" in English)

    EDIT: Again, typo...
  5. lets say that your now in mars... so, ill say selamat malam pak damasvara too. :D
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