8800GT for Mafia 2, Civ 5, Witcher 2???


will the 8800gt 512mb will be enough for Civ 5, Mafia 2, Witcher 2?

I don't need Ultra High settings just playable ones on native resolution.


my pc:

MBO: GA P35-ds3l
CPU: E7300(OC 3.0 GHz)
Ram: 4 GB Patriot Viper 6400 DDR2
Vga: Peak Radeon 1950GT
HDD: Seagate 160 GB, WCD 80 Gb
Monitor: 20"- 1650x1050
PSU: Chieftec 400W
OS: Win 7
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  1. hello there,
    yes playable on native resolution
    but you cannot turn on some settings like vsync and hdr/bloom
    specially physx... my 8800gt stumbled at 3-7fps at moderate settings (1080p) after i updated arkham asylum to ver1.21 just to see this sucks!! the recommend a 9800gtx dedicated physx cards!!
    and not to mention too high aa settings will ruin the day :(

    ps. my advice as a fellow 8800gt owner... play this season over (im playing on x360) and prepare to buy a new radeon over next summer ;)
  2. dhakaiya_mustan said:

    ps. my advice as a fellow 8800gt owner... play this season over (im playing on x360) and prepare to buy a new radeon over next summer ;)

    My x1950 can run mafia 2 demo but shadows flickers a lot and ruins it completely.

    I plan to buy used 8800 gt just to play it little bit decently...
  3. Civ 5 maybe, I've never heard of witcher 5, But mafia 2 I doubt it.

    You'll probably need to upgrade your PSU and Graphics card, If your interested in this give me a price range to work on and the country you live in.
  4. oh man...
    srry... didnt read properly
    @decode: he just wants to play decently

    zlikovski ive dug this up for you

    OS: Windows 7
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66ghz
    2 gig (800s) ddr2 memory
    512mb evga 8800gt

    works fine. little choppy when in busy streets. better luck lowering resolution and turning up AA.

    taken from http://www.vgrequirements.info/mafia-2-pc/

    just a thought: if ur pickin up a second hand.... why not go for a 4850 or a 3870 maybe
  5. I bought 8800gt 512mb an mafia 2 runs decently on native resolution benchmark on demo showed 29 fps. it' good enough for me...
    Thanks guys
  6. According to the review at http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cases/display/chieftec-psu-roundup.html , your PSU is nothing special, but perhaps because it is Delta-built, is a step or two above a Chokemax. I wouldn't run it flat out though, or install one in a gamer. I don't think you need to rush out in a panic, but when practical, if I were you I would replace it.
  7. I would reccomend a PSU and graphics card upgrade,

    ATI currently has the best selection of budget cards but you can get a Nvidia geforce gtx 460 and a decent power supply for under $300


  8. I know my PSU in northing special but it works, it survived OCCT stress test and after couple hours of playing Mafia 2 it's still just warm, it doesn't get hot(it's loud on the other hand)...

    Newegg.com prices are great but I live in Croatia where this kind of setup costs about (Msi GTX460 768mb is 280 USD and Crosair VX550 is 130 USD) = 410 USD.

    And that's nearly half of average Croatian month salary....

    P.s. I can order online but than I have to pay 30% customs and 23% tax....
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