Foxconn g33m02 motherboard

Hello,where can i buy a foxconn G33M motherboard?Am in Kenya, east Africa
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  1. Kenya? Well, cool Welcome to THG!

    Try top look into Google and search for an online store. Kenya should have a tech shop in the major cities or a close town.
  2. As malmental says is there any reason you wan't that particular one ? all my experinces with foxconn mobo's have been bad.
  3. ...but they are cheap...
  4. true but you get what you pay for with foxconn's. terrible customer service and generally terrible products. and probably for the same price you could get something far better :P
  5. why do you think so many 360's break :P, im sure its not foxconn's fault but i choose to blame it on them cos im a pig like that!
  6. i dont think he's coming back its been 6 days :P
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