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Please help me for building a desktop PC primarily for doing "light" photo editing work in Lightroom / Photoshop (i am not a heavy photoshop user at all), conversion of RAW files to JPEgs and other similar uses.

Also very important point which i am asking myself and not getting answers is that want spend wisely. If i dont require Intel Core i7-950 and can make do with Intel Core i7-930 then i am happy. Similarly for Motherboard / Graphics. Also, i want the PC to be future proof for atleast 2-3 years.

I need to built this PC by end of this week, so please help urgently.

1) Motherboard : Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO: LGA 1366, Intel X58 Express, ICH10R
2) Processor :Intel Core i7-950: 3.06 GHz, Quad-Core, Eight-threads
3) Memory : Corsair DDR3-1600, 2 GB * 4
4) Graphics : "Radeon HD 6950
5) System Drive: Kingston 64 GB: SSD
6) Storage Drive : Samsung F3 HD103SJ: 1 TB, 7200 RPM HDD
7) Case: Corsair Graphite Series 600T
8) Power : Corsair HS850
9) Monitor : Wanted a colour calibarated monitor ?

Thanking u in advance.
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  1. Mobo - Asus P8P67 PRO/EVO or DELUXE socket 1155 Sandy Bridge
    CPU - i5 2500k cpu or i7 2600k
    Mem - 2x 4 gig Corsair XMS3 / Dominator / Vengance
    PSU - Seasonic X650 or Corsair 650HX
    Case - 600T or HAF932

    X58 setups are about the same price as Sandy Bridge.
    You don't need an 850w psu unless you intend to add another card.
    600T is a nice case but IMO the HAF932 is better.
    If you were going X58 you would want triple channel ram, with SB you want 2x4gig dual.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Agree with Beano's recommendations.

    Will you be gaming at all? The 6950 is a gaming card and overkill for what you listed. Check GPU acceleration compatibility lists for your software and pick a low-end Nvidia card.
  3. Thanks beanoslim & mi1ez for your quick response.

    This gig not for gaming.... Its for use with Lightroom / Photoshop...
  4. Thanks again for your response.....

    Anyone with advice on the Motherboard....was looking at one with USB 3
  5. Take a look at this, it shows what each of the mobo's has and doesn't have.

    The main draw of the Deluxe is a front usb3 box and 16.2 power design.
  6. Will you be using CS4 or CS5? The GPU support is different for each.

  7. Readjust your RAM. The i7-900's are triple channel so, for best performance, RAM should be added in sets of 3, not 2.
  8. He's not getting i7 950 anymore by the looks of it, SB is dual channel.
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