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I am looking for some help expanding my storage.
I have, LSI megaraid 9260-8i controller card with 8 sata drives connected (6)currently in raid 10 and (2) in raid 0 arrays.
My question is, how can I expand this to let's say 12 drives? What hardware will I need?, How will this effect performance? What is the best way to spread out the throughput?

For additional information, the 9260-8i card has two mini-SAS SFF-8087 x4 connectors. I have plenty of space to keep these additional 4 drives internal and prefer to keep them internal.

I look forward to your response.


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    Yes you can, you need a SAS expander, which is not cheap nor simple
    There are SAS expander: 12, 16 ans 24 ports
    mount the SAS expander internally and connect all the drives to it, you may need 8087 to 8088 cable and adapter to connect these together.

    Or migrate your RAID10 to RAID5 so you can gain additional 2x drives space.
    Don't worry the speed will be there and the raid still fail safe with 1x drive

    Or start replace raid member with Largger drive and expand the raid volume

    If you want to get more storage space
  2. Thanks Firewire2,
    I will dig in and see what I can find out about these.
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