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Had a raid consisting of 3 640 BE WD Caviar drives. Had them in a RAID0 for performance. Now, I just switched over to Intel, 3570k and an ASUS Sabertooh Z77 motherboard.

How can, or can I even bring back that RAID on the Intel build, as it is different. When I try to setit up using the 3 drives as RAID disks, it tells me I need to format them. Have a ton of stuff ive collected over the last few years. Media and whatnot, wont die if I lose it, would rather not however. Bout 1.5 TB is stuff on there heh. Any help would be great. Thank you.
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    You have to move the Data off, rebuild the raid, then put the Data back. This is one of the reason using motherboard raid controllers isnt normally recommended.

    As far as moving the Data off you could clean it up, get rid of what you can and take an image of the drive. Easeus has a free TODO imaging program that will compress the Data, and should be able to write it back to the rebuilt raid
  2. Thank you for the info, it isnt worth doing all that work. Sucks, but the performance upgrade was worth it.
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