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Hey all, so the story so far:

Built my first computer, (mobo: m4a785td-v evo, HD 5770, 4gb ram, phenom ii 955 x4). I have RMA'd by GPU once before because it was overheating, but it was also cutting out during games. Anyway got new GPU and it was fine, perfectly safe temperatures. Anyway I tried overclocking both CPU and GPU about 3 weeks ago, but I also updated BIOS. Then I really wrecked the Bios, and there was a fault with one of the PCI-E slots so I RMA'd that too, both of these RMA's I was given a new product.

Anyway Before I RMA'd my MOBO, i noticed that the GPU temps were back to too high, this is now without any overclocking. So I thought hopefully the new MOBO with the new PCIE slot will fix the problem. Well as you can guess it hasn't.

The temperatures are up to 105C in FURMARK, and reach 88 in GTA IV. They used to struggle to reach 80 on GTA IV, so I know for sure something is wrong... has anyone got any ideas what could have caused this? Could overclocking have caused permanent damage? Or the bad motherboard PCIE slot? Or it's not damaged at all and something else is wrong?

The cables in my PC are quite untidy.. but I can't beleive they were much better at any time. I have 2 case fans, one is a huge one on the front of the case that isn't very powerful but came with it. The other it a standard 80mm case fan. Also I have a new heatsink and fan on CPU which is much cooler.

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  1. Hi Yum

    I've had problems with overheating on my card (HD 4850). In my case it was more of a case airflow and dust issue. From the research that I did at the time, it seems like most problems with overheating tend to be physical as opposed to software related i.e: bad airflow in case, dust, poor fans etc as opposed to drivers, firmware bios etc

    Try tidying the cables and cleaning dust out 1st. I guess you won't have much dust if you recently RMA'd your equipment but worth a shot. Cable arrangement dropped my temps by nearly 10 degrees and dust even more.

    I suspect you may have tried these options already, in which case just ignore this.
  2. No, I really think your right, my cables are ridiculously cluttering.. although they arent really anywhere near my gpu and the cpu temp is fine... but I think i will try what you said, thanks, I will let you know how i get on.
  3. No problem.
  4. Ok after doing what I could, I also took the side of the case off, and it still gets ridiculously too hot.. I can't understand it, what should I do?
  5. Is the GPU fan running at 100%?
  6. no, its on standard... but considering I am not overclocking at all, I shouldn't be overheating... I will run furmark at 100% to see the different anyway
  7. Ok 100% still causes it to reach 100C
  8. Might be worth reapplying the thermal paste on the GPU. Helped me a bit. Not sure what implications that would have on your guarantee/warranty though.

  9. Hi Craig, I just wanna say a MASSIVE MASSIVE Thankyou. I took off the fan, and the thermal paste wasnt covering half of it.. now im on 70C on xtreme burn furmark... Thank you so much, thank you!
  10. No problem mate. Glad to help :)
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