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Upgrade My Graphic Card for HD Video Editing?

I just bought a Dell XPS 9000, with 475W power supply, the graphic card is gt 220 1GB.

I tried to test the cuda support, and it seems to be there. I have a movie player software that allows to set CUDA mode, and I can see only GPU usage got increase. CPU stays idle.

However when I use Corel Video Studio X3, which supposely should have cuda support, I still feel it is not fast enough, I have turned on "hardware decoding".

I know GT 220 is a budget card, so I am wondering if I should switch up to a better card like GTS 250. But reading posts on this forum seems to indicating unless you go very high end, like GTX 285 you won't be able to leverage CUDA in video editing?

I have only 475W power supply so the best I can go is GTS 250, in terms of video editing, will it offer a much better performance than my GT 220? Do I need to get a 512M or 1G?

I am not a gamer so the only usage will be video editing, HD video playback and photo editing like PhotoShop.

Advises much appreciated!

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    GTX460 1GB would help you out. But only if you have a budget of around $210.

    Otherwise you can wait for the upcoming GTS450.

    GTS250 is nice card, marginally ahead of the HD4850. Better than that would be GTX260 Core 216 option.
  2. My problem with those high end card are my 475W power supply, Dell sucks!

    Anything experiences regarding video editing on GTS 250 vs GT 220, I am worried as I might be pushing my power limit and at the same time only gaining performance on gaming rather than video editing. Plus it is another $100+ investment.
  3. GTS250 is better than GT220. And 475W is enough for GTS250. The quality of the PSU is not that bad from Dell.
  4. Dell acutally has decent PSU's, for OEM they are probably the best.
  5. hell_storm200's GTS450 idea sounds great, I googled and found it seems to be more powerful than GTS250, more cuda cores and less power is required

    I guess I will wait a bit until they release it out.

    Thanks guys!
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