New build, all fans blowing, "No Signal" to monitor

Hey guys my buddy and I are having problems with his new comp. We installed everything and it starts up, all fans are blowing LEDs are on, but his monitor just says "No Signal."
It's plugged into his GTX 480. He put in 4x2gigs of ram (4 sticks), and we have them all in at once, could that be the issue? The cooler is the Thermaltake Frio I had him install his the same way I put mine in, I've read that maybe it's not making contact with the CPU? The RAM is in according to the mobo manual and we've tried every cable and connector to the monitor. We plugged his monitor into his laptop and it worked fine, so we know it's not that. We've reseated the graphics card numerous times, but to no avail. We're totally stumped. What's confusing me is even the fans on the graphics card are blowing so I don't think he accidentally fried it. Please post any and all last ditch options, thanks.
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  1. What is the PSU (brand, model, size) ? You plugged in the external power to the GPU?
  2. Kingwin Mach 1 1000Watt. It runs my GTX 470 without a hitch. Yes the GPU is hooked up via 2 PCI-E plugs to the power supply.
  3. Maybe a silly question but have seen this done before. Did you use spacers between the motherboard and case?

    Could also been down to ram not fully seated or a loose connection. re-seat components and give it another try :)
  4. Run this checklist, don't skip any steps. If you still are having trouble let us know.
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