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I have 2 WD 250GB hard drives that i am trying to put into a raid 0 on my GB-990fxa-ud3 rev. 3.0 MB. :bounce: Every time i put them into RAID 0 it crashes during start-up. All the bios settings seem to be correct and I have used every driver that i can think of during the windows install (including the ones that came with the MB and the ones i downloaded for the website). I am at a loss here. The only thing that i have not done is try to install the 32 bit version of windows, but honestly i don't want to install the 32 bit version. It does however work wit the AHCI settings flawlessly. Please help me, is there something that i can do to make RAID 0 work?

Thank you
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    They must be some old drives me thinks. have you run a full disk check to make sure they are all good? Also, you haven't installed Windows on 1 drive and are trying to turn that into a RAID0 with the added drive by any chance? You need to install Windows fresh onto the RAID0 after you've created it
  2. I installed a clean copy of windows 7 onto my computer after i set up the raid in bios. I don't believe that they are old drivers because i downloaded the most resent drivers from the website. I think it may have something to do with the operating system of maybe the motherboard. I am going to try to do a bios update and see if that changes anything.
  3. okay just updated my bios and still nothing
  4. It is a positive that the problem is the raid driver. The only problem that i am having now is that i cant seem to find the correct driver for the 64 bit version of windows. Some 32 bit drivers work but give me the same error as before. Does anyone know what driver i would use?

    these are the newest 9xxx chipset drivers from amd. they should work when you do an f6 install of windows.

    I was using those drivers when trying to install. I used a wide variety of drivers including ones i download from the GB and AMD website along with the provided drivers.
    I however did not realize that i had to have the RAID drives in SATA slots 1-4 and the optical in one of the last two. After realizing this and correcting the problem, Windows installed easily and recognized the 9xxx drivers.

    Thank you all for your help.
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