Seeking compatibility: Core 2 Quad, DDR2, at least 4 SATA

I'm looking for recommendations to upgrade/replace my broken motherboard (capacitors leaky) for my Dell XPS 710, while reusing as many components as possible.

It looks like the key components to carry over are my Core 2 Quard (Q6600), and my DDR2 memory. Also a GeForce 8800GTX, but it seems like pretty much every non-server motherboard has the requisite PCI Express x16.

I've also got four SATA HDDs and two sata DVD drives, as the XPS 710 has six sata connectors, but it seems extremely rare to find more than four supported on a motherboard when I was looking some, so I'm tentatively assuming I'd have to slim down to 3 HDDs and one DVD (which doesn't bother me much). (There's no feasible way to split those connectors or anything like that, right?)

I'd expect to likely get a new case, CPU Fan/sink, and possibly PSU. I have the 750 watt from the XPS 710, but my understanding is it's custom and designed for the 710 BTX style case. I'm not super knowledgeable about that stuff, so maybe re-using that is fine. I am worried about having enough power for the drives, graphics card, etc. (otherwise I'd be looking at some of the bare-bones on new-egg, but they seem to routinely have only 250/300w and I'm worried that's far far too low.)

Any recommendations or thoughts are appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Hey Johnny. Welcome to Toms Hardware =)

    My greatest recommendation would be to settle with a P45 Chipset motherboard. However just before discontinuing the series they changed over to DDR3 as opposed to DDR2 so new ram might have to be an option you consider besides you will be able to move it across to a new system motherboard at a later stage i would recommend you look into Gigabyte P45 motherboards i think there is a UD4P model. You should still be able to get them on a few online stores. The socket you using socket 775 has been discontinued so you will have to look hard, just make sure to stick to P45 as that was the best chipset before getting discontinued. Please done hesitate to ask further questions.
  2. Thanks for the response, it's helpful!
  3. Its Only a pleasure let me know if you have any further questions.
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