Programs to control CPU fan?

My CPU fan is constantly running at about 27 degrees, but my fan is so loud. Are there any programs that are cheap or free that can control what level the fan is going?

Or any other solutions?
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  1. Depending on what CPU you have there should be a setting in bios like smart fan.
  2. I am thoroughly confused...I'm in BIOS and I have no idea what these settings mean

    PWM Duty Off
    PWM Duty Start
    Start PWM Value
    Smart FAN Slope

    After doing a Smart Fan Calibration, I left the settings as suggested except PWM Duty Start. I raised it to 40. But instead of the the fan going slower, it stayed the same but my CPU temp was in the mid 40s. Some insight to what these settings mean and what I should put them at would be awesome...
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