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Regarding the working of usb

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January 26, 2013 11:17:00 AM

How does a flash drive like pendrive can store such a large amount of data? In a few words i actually want to know the whole setup of pendrive/flash drive which help it to store data in it, in simple and plain language for the person lile me who have no relation with this feild.
Please help me to come out of this mind boggling question.

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January 26, 2013 1:01:59 PM

The flash drive has flash memory chips. The electrons flow from the computer to the flash drive and a signal tells the flash drive to set each memory cell in the flash memory to a certain value, either 1 or 0. That's how it stores the data. Look it up on google for much more information....
January 26, 2013 1:14:43 PM

Flash memory, or Nand memory: Is what we call none volatile memory.

What it means is.

It does not require the memory chip to have a constant feed of electricity to retain the data stored on it, say when you unplug it from the computer once storing the data on it.

It is retained, until the data is overwritten by user intervention, data replaced or wiped, deleted from the device, by the user.

Where as volatile memory:

Requires a current to constantly keep and store the data that resides in it, cut the power and all is lost in volatile memory.

Flash memory comes under the section of none volatile memory due to this.

But still can ware out through lots of use in reading and writing data operations to the memory chip, mostly down to circuity degradation of the memory chip it`s self over long time, use or write or read operations preformed by the nand memory chip.

That is where it begins to fail to store the data on the memory chip.

As said all the data is set up as 1 or 0 on the usb pen drive,in what we call binary format.

What the core level of a Cpu works at in machine code, and understands.

All data is stored in this format, be it on a flash pen drive or the main system memory contained in a computer for data storage, or for an example the Hard disk drive of your computer. That may help your home work assignment ! Just kidding.