Need help!!

Ok, so im gonna need alot of help.. i think.
My friend put together a computer for me with these parts

Graphiccard: radeon HD 5770

Motherboard: Asus m4a87td/usb3

Processor: AMD Phenom II 810

ram: OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800

and well.. i lag in Half life 1..
Im not that good with computers but tell me what to do and how and i will do it.
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  1. Ram Size? Playing online, what type of connection?
  2. I got 2 Gb ram and I was playing offline.
  3. Which OS are you using XP, Vista, 7, 32 bit , 64bit?
  4. Im using XP 32bit
  5. Ram is OK for the OS and the system configuration is way better than recommended for the game. Any change there are any in game patches that you need to install? Have you tried any more modern games?
  6. I tried 2 new games but they take forever to load and both of them crashed before the game started. I downloaded the game from steam so it should be using the newest patch.
  7. I just tried half life again and noticed that the game freeze every other second, and everything is loading really slow, but it wasnt loading this slow when i finnished installing XP. Do you guys think its a hardware or software issue?

    Im gonna get some sleep , when i wake up im gonna try formating again.
  8. Perhaps one or more of your computer components is overheated. BIOS automatically turns down heated components and slows their clock speed.

    Check your temperature with CPUID HWMonitor:
  9. what the hell tmpin2 is 128 c !!!

    check with core temp

    Keep us posted-
    You can also check with everest.
  10. Btw to your issue, Your specs[ Quad core + 5770 are just fine]
    There may be an issue with low psu.
    what psu are you running ?
  11. I just formatted my comp. When i try to install the AMD chipset driver on my cd the computer restarts itself, and I cant seem to find the drivers online. Could it be the problem?
  12. Alrite corsair 550 w, PSU isn't the prob here.
    Restarts, are you sure its the appropriate driver.
    AMD's website ?
    It should be online, atleast somewhere.
  13. Drivers The motherboard drivers are essential for the operation of the machine!
  14. Diiiv said:

    Sorry, TMPIN2 is a 'dead' sensor. It's on the chip, but not connected to anything, hence the 128 degree is just strange readouts. This is the fault of the program to display such high temp. To get stable temp better use Everest or CoreTemp above.
    About your problem, maybe it's your VGA card or motherboard's VGA slot that is defective. Try replace your VGA with your friend's working VGA. If his VGA works, then you got a defective VGA. If his VGA still doesn't work while his VGA works normally in his computer, then the motherboard's VGA slot is defective.
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