Disk Boot Failure

Hi all,
Hope this is the right section. I have a Desk top PC .. AMD Sempron (tm) Processor 3200+ 1.80 Ghz
Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.
I formatted in September 2011 .. and have never had a single problem. I do hear a click every now and again for the last 3-4 months
The PC stays on 24/24 for work reasons (translations AUS/US).
I turned it off, disconnecting everything from the mains/UPS on Dec. 14 as I was leaving the country.
Got back Jan 21 and I get black screen with Disk load failure etc.
I entered the boot section and manually rebooted from SATA 1 and it worked fine.

I rebooted and entered the BIOS to check boot order .. it seems OK .. 1 CD, 2. Hard Drive 3. Floppy.
Cool & Quiet is disabled
I checked the Device Manager and there is an unknown device as seen in link
I also checked the System as seen in link.
I tried updating the driver for the unknown device ... to no avail.


I am starting to run out of ideas .. from what I can gather ... it cannot find the SATA drivers .. but I am no expert.

Does anyone have any ideas please ??

Thanks in advance

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  1. Your pics of Device Manager & Disk Management are too small to read clearly and are therefore of no use.

    What's more telling however is your comment "I do hear a click every now and again" as that is nearly always the sound made by a faulty drive. You should test it with Seagate SeaTools for Windows if it's just a storage drive, or Seagate SeaTools for DOS if it's the system boot drive. Download either of them from here:

    The DOS version is supplied as an ISO file from which you can make a bootable CD using IMGBurn:

    Boot your PC from that CD and SeaTools for DOS will open. Test the system boot drive with the Long/Extended test.
  2. go to the vendor web page for the drivers. write down the drivers for the mb chipset..sound and ethernet. then find the newest drivers online. your work pc was on for a long time. as long as there was power your mb bios was not going to lose any date or time info. when you pulled the power from the pc. the mb has to keep the bios settings from the cmos battery. those batteries have a set life of a few years. most time people in work know there going bad because they dont hold the date and time or settings when they power off there pc. it a 5.00 part here in the us and take 5 min to replace. the other issue is with hard drives themselves and age. there is lube inside the drives to keep the hard drive platter Bering from going bad..Hi pitch whine when it does. most pc people turn the drives off. they cool down..the lube thickens a little and the drive spins back up ok. with hard drives that been on for many years...desktops or servers...the lub can go bad or thicken up so thick that a drive wont spin back up right the first one or two times..some times you have to tap the side of the drive to free it. We se that a lot when working with old servers and storage devices. all the drives are fine at shutdown...move the unit then turn it back on an hour or two latter and you get 10-20 drives that dont spin up on first reboot.
  3. Hi Phil and thanks for your reply
    Sorry about the pics .. I didn't know how to add them to the message so I just loaded them in Picasa using a smart phone .. not such a brilliant idea lol.
    The click happens 1/2 times a day .. so I haven't worried up to now.
    I did the Seagate tools test for Windows and everything was OK . .. I was worried about doing the DOS one but I see it is OK so I will do that this morning.
    I opened the case last night to carefully check wiring/dust etc ... but there was no improvement.

    The device manager shows an Unknown device with a Location BUS PCI and ID HArdware ACPI\PNPB006.
    My motherboard is ASUS M2NPV-VM

    Is that a ram controller error ??

    I will do the DOS test today .. in the meantime thanks so much for your kind help.
    Have a good Sunday

  4. Thank you smorizio for your reply!.
    Not sure I understand it all, but I'll read through it again.
    For now the PC is working perfectly - all programs are fine etc .. printer and webcam work
    But if I try to reboot I still get the disk failure and have to reboot from the SATA1

    It seems to try to boot from my Maxtor HD (E) which is data only .. and no longer boots from the (C) hard disk.
    Is there a way to switch them ?

    Apologise if all these seem silly questions ...

    Thanks for your time
  5. Me again...
    I downloaded the iso and all works well except that the Disk 0 is my data disk (E:) with no OS on it
    This has a tick by it.
    Below it is the C drive with the OS ... but there is no tick and I cannot seem to move to it to perform the scan.

    So does this confirm that it is trying to boot from my E: drive and not my C. drive ??

    In fact when I run computer management ... it puts the Maxtor (E:) as Disk 0 and the System (C:) as disk 1

    Is there a way to invert this ??

  6. Solved!! I plucked up the courage to change the HDD boot order in BIOS and .. violà it's working ...
    Thanks to everyone for their help.
    Take care
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