16GB Ram 1600mhz issue

so i got my new corsair vengeance memory in, it is the 8gb pack low profile (i got 2)
anyways here the problem when i first installed the memory it was not running close to 1600mhz
so i clocked it up and i did necessarily changes, making sure timings were right comand rate, voltage i left at 1.5v
and when i go into windows everything seems fine but after a half our or so of gaming i blue screen, this happens all the time
any idea to what might be causing system instability?

(i tried increasing voltage still didn't work)

System Spec:

CPU: Amd Phenom ii 1100t w/ Thermaltake Frio OCK (4.0ghz)
Mobo: Asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3
RAM:Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz 16GB LowProfile
PSU: Kingwin Lazer 1000w
GPU: Amd His Turbo 6970
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  1. Well the problem could be that you bought TWO 8GB. RAM kits instead of ONE tested, matched 16 GB. kit. You can try slowing the timings to see if that helps but it may not. You can also lower the frequency to 1333 Mhz. the default RAM frequency for the Phenom II CPUs. You're asking a lot of the onboard CPU memory controller to run 16 GB. of unmatched RAM overclocked. You'll probably be lucky if it runs stable at 1333 Mhz.

    The good news is there is only about 1% improvement going from 1333 Mhz. RAM speed to 1600 Mhz. so you aren't giving up anything if you can make your PC stable at 1333 MHz. You can also run Memtest86+ from a floppy, CD or flash drive with all four DIMMs installed to see if you get errors @ 1333 Mhz. and 1600 Mhz.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply
    and i forgot to mention i did already run memtest86, no errors
    also i tried lowering to 1333mhz and still same issue
  3. Your ran Memtest86+ with all four DIMMs in place or with individual DIMMs?

    About all you have left then is to slow the timings down. If that doesn't fix the issue then pull one of the 8 GB. kits and see if the problem disappears.
  4. I dropped frequency down to 1333 seams to be running stable but no confirmation yet, ill let you know on this thread if anything acts up thanks for help
  5. I have the same problem. Bought two 2x4GB kits of identical memory and they refuse to run at 1600 speeds. The motherboard (Asus Sabertooth) sets them to the SPD setting of DDR3-1333, and if I try to them to DDR3-1600 manual timings the system just refuse's to get to POST.

    From what I can gather the Corsair vengence are just regular DDR3-1333 memory sticks that they've successfully clocked to DDR3-1600 in their lab. So unless your using a system similar to what they used, your chances of getting them to run at 1600 speeds are 50/50.
  6. yes, also i believe they cooperate better with intel rather than amd.
    but hey if it works well at 1333 im happy
  7. Well the memory needs specific timing to run at DDR3-1600, and that timing is communicated via XMP, something that Intel has a license to and thus isn't available on AMD systems.
  8. so i thought it was stable at 1333 after gaming for some hours then suddenly blue screen, i really don't want to knock off 8gb of memory, i have to make this stable some way some how, i wonder if i can find someone with this exact board to give me some pointers
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