Syncmaster 2233RZ, Windows 7, 3D Vision

Hi, I've run into a problem when trying to install 3D Vision on my brand new computer - the monitor is not recognized as compatible by the setup. Also when running Nvidia's "Can you run it" app under "System requirements" on their 3D Vision site, the app doesn't know which monitor I'm using.

IDK if the problem is monitor drivers, I downloaded the latest ones from Samsung's website, but didn't find any for Windows 7.

My system is:
GTX 480
Syncmaster 2233RZ
Windows 7 64 home

Anyone else running 3D vision on this system and managed to install it?
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  1. EDIT - Nevermind, I'll look into it.
  2. you can try the drivers, win7 and win vista drivers are very similar and often work interchangabley

    do you have the latest drivers for the video card installed
  3. I decided to not follow the 3DV quick start guide, updated to the latest Nvidia drivers and just installed the 3D Vision app. It works now :D
  4. awesome glad it worked for you
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