How should I install 2gb RAM on Dell Vostro 220s

Given below is my Hardware configuration, speed and capacity
CPU : pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU
E5200 @ 2.50GHz
CPU Speed and
installed Memory: 2.50 GHz, 988 MB or RAM

And it is a desktop [Dell Vostro 220s]

I may sound ingnorant asking this question, sorry
And My question is- How do I install a 2gb RAM on my pc? should I install another 1 gb RAM also keeping the current RAM or Is there a single piece 2gb RAM that I have to install taking my current RAM out of the PC? I hope you understood what I am trying to say.. Please help me and thanks in advance if you help me out. Amen!!!
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    When looking at your desktop on the inside where the RAM is seated, make sure how many open slots you have. If you have no slots left open, you'll have to buy new ram to replace your current setup. If you have slots open, you can simply add to it, but you'll have to add the same type (e.g., DDR2 800)
  2. Thanx a lot for your concern guys.. it was very helpful
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