Psu for gtx 460 sli

I have a OCZ gamexstream 850w psu. I know its not the best of psu's but I got it for $60 bundled with a gt 240 (so basically $30).

I want to SLI gtx 460's. I'm not sure if I can run them.

- 4 12v rails at 20A per rail (This is where the issue is as 20A per rail is pretty low)
- there are only 2 pci-e 6pin connectors, which I'm very angry about as it clearly labeled SLI ready on the box.. (how stupid - note I knew nothing about power supplies at the time I bought this psu)
- I did read something about opening up the psu and upping the Amps per rail manually through a switch, though that'd void my warranty
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  1. I saw that bundle on the egg, I almost got it myself, the reviews on the PSU scared me, however. While technically that PSU should be fine, everything I read about it makes me think otherwise. You could sell it and easily profit on it, and then get a Corsair 650w or Corsair 750w instead.

    I'm sure some people will disagree with me, but after what I read about that PSU, I don't know.... I acutally made a thread about it the day they had that shell shocker over in the PSU forum, and I was advised not to get it.
  2. Yes,it is enough power,but that power supply has nothing but bad reviews.Even I did a build for someone that hated this power supply.They complained,complained,and complained,then finally it just died.They had 2 465's.So I got them this and now they are happy and for 6 weeks no issues(fingers crossed)
  3. hm.. well its already running in my computer right now and I'm not sure how much i'd be able to sell it for.

    two options at this point
    - try and craigslist the damn thing
    - wait till I get my new rig (right now its running in my old rig which could probably run off a 400w psu -.- ) and then try to overload the psu until it dies and RMA it, in which case OCZ has been known to give you a better model. Thing is does OCZ even have ANY good psu's?
  4. Quote:
    - there are only 2 pci-e 6pin connectors, which I'm very angry about as it clearly labeled SLI ready on the box..

    Back in the day, that was SLI compatible. And still is today if you get lower power cards. However, most high end cards now have 2 PCI-E power connectors. So, it's sort of a gray line. Yes it is capable, but not with all cards. Although I bet you could find a power adapter to split each one into two.

    Then you have to question whether it'll supply enough power (namely amperage) through the one (split into two) with stability, and without overloading the wire.
  5. If the PSU has the 12 volt capacity, it's a good candidate for a couple of molex to PCI adapters.
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