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Heya im thinking of upgrading my computer system so that it can run games better :p so i do not have a massive budget. i am planning on upgrading my processor and graphics card but i have been hearing i will need to upgrade more than that if i want to fit both them in (btw i suck with computers! :p) i have been told that i will probably need a new motherboard? a new case? a new fan? a new powersupply? argh my head is spinning with all these things i will need to upgrade. so i have came here for help! my current specs of my computer are this (i dont know what you need to know so i will just add what i think is necessary) :

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 LE-1660, Package Socket AM2 (940) its a 2.8 single core processor aswell

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC, Model M2N68-VM

What im hoping to upgrade to is this but if you have any other suggestions that will make upgrading easier or make my computer run better please tell me! :) ok so what im planning on is this:

Processor: Intel E6500 Pentium Dual Core Processor - 2.93GHz,2MB Cache,1066MHz FSB,Socket LGA775

Graphics Card: Gigabyte GV-R465OC-1GI Radeon HD 4650 Graphics Card (1GB, ATX, DVI-I)

As I said i dont know what you need to know to tell me what i will need to upgrade if i upgrade my graphics card and processor so if you need to know any other details feel free to ask because i am becoming desperate to know what i will need to upgrade!
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  1. firstly, whats ur budget?
    secondly, what type of games do u want 2 play?
    3rd, what is ur monitor size nd at what resolution u play?
    aftr u gve me dis infos, i hope i can help u......
  2. Heya well my budget is low.. probably about £100 - £150 at the most i guess.. and the games im wanting to play are like call of duty.. just cause 2 and stuff like that.. i can run most games ok but i just want to enhance the graphics and how it runs.. and i dont mind if i cant run the game on super graphics but better than now and my monitor size is like 19 Inch and resolution is normally like 1024 x 768 but it looks better on 1152 x 864 lol but i dont need to upgrade my monitor if thats what your thinking :p hope this helps :)
  3. dats a really short budget
    u can get a ati 4650 for abt $60
    e6500 abt $80
    but u will need more money for mobo
    u may want 2 buy ne of da asus mobo, p35 or g41 chipset
  4. um.. sorry but its hard to understand when you talk like "buy ne of da asus" but its not the money i have a problem with i have said... i have about £150 at the most and am thinking of getting Intel E6500 Pentium Dual Core Processor - 2.93GHz,2MB Cache,1066MHz FSB,Socket LGA775, Gigabyte GV-R465OC-1GI Radeon HD 4650 Graphics Card (1GB, ATX, DVI-I)
    and if i really need a new mobo i could get this? Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L Motherboard Intel Core 2 Extreme Socket 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Gigabit Ethernet
    but what im asking here is will i need to upgrade the mobo? will i need to upgrade anything other than the mobo? like case, fan, power supply stuff like that...? :sweat:
  5. ya u will nid 2 change ur mobo cuz ur amd has a different socket from da intel processor.
    if u hve ddr2 ram den fyn.
    i guess u r having a micro atx case, so wouldnt need a new case cuz da gigabyte mobo is micro atx
    u dont need ne xtra fan.
    regarding power supply, watz da psu u hve nw?
    ati 4650 is a very low powered card nd i dont think dat u will need a xtra psu
  6. first of all you gotta learn to type.. sorry.. but i find it hard to understand what your saying..
    so.. what? i have ddr2? whats that? and micro atx case? i dont know what that is either and i dont need a fan and the psu on my power supply is.. im not sure but currently my core voltage is 1.376 V if that helps? sorry for my lack of knowledge of computers.
  7. xcuse me.........
    i gotta learn 2 type
    bro i think dat u need 2 learn 2 read
    nd u r asking wat is ddr2
    i guess dis is where i should stop.
    bye bye
    all da best 4 ur new pc
  8. and btw the reason i was asking what ddr2 is, is cause i didnt know what it was? i told you that im bad with computers thats why.. none of your advice was actually relevant to the subject? you asked what my monitor size was ? thanks a lot for the effort but i think you know as much as me
  9. Hi EvilWeasel, you do need a new motherboard as your AMD socket type is different from the Intel socket type. DDR2 is the standard of RAM your new motherboard will take as well.

    Do you know the model of your current motherboard or specifically what type of RAM you're using?

    Edit: Sorry didn't read close enough up top, your current motherboard uses DDR2 so you won't need new RAM, this is your motherboard correct?
  10. Hey finally some one intelligent enough to type.. :p ummm the model of my motherboard is M2n68-VM and the type of RAM im using is DDR2.. if that helps? thanks a lot :)
  11. Yeah it must be the same as mine cause its the same model and stuff but i did not assemble this computer in the first place so im not sure thats what it looks like :p would this type of motherboard be ok for my new upgrades? Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L Motherboard Intel Core 2 Extreme Socket 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Gigabit Ethernet
  12. Haha know what you mean, any idea as to the type of case you currently have? Odds are with a microATX (thats the physical size of the motherboard) it should fit in pretty well anything, I'd be more worried though about if your GPU you want would fit. Also you should check and see if your Power Supply is at least 500W (should be a safe margin).

    However I would say is there anyway you could hold out and wait until you can scrape together a slightly larger budget to look at some of the newer models, LGA775 is a very old socket and would get much better performance from for example the newer Sandy Bridge line, however this also incurs the cost of buying newer DDR3 RAM on top of everything else.
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