Red CPU Light, wont post boot

Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could help.

two days ago my computer was working perfectly fine, shutdown properly at night, came to use it in the morning and found I had a red Cpu light on my Pz68 motherboard. I checked the motherboard out and the cpu wasnt held tightly down, re done the thermal paste and... tried it out again and nothing.

did some of my own research tried removing the battery for the day, still the same thing.

Tried taking all the ram out, using 1 ram etc but it still just booted, stayed on and no beeps.

Does anyone else know anythign else I could try as it's weird for it to just randomy go wrong after working perfectly fine.

also when I turn it on everything goes on and stays on for as long as it wants till I shutdown but there is no signal to the monitor or anything...

Many thanks in advance

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  1. Reseat CPU and sure secure properly
  2. done that a fair few times now, it's defintly secured properly and seated in perfectly.
  3. check again and Try in out Case
    PSU, all connector , Pin CPU maybe bent, try use Stock cooler for easy, Re seat RAM
    try all part one by one in other PC

    if can't boot you need ask intel /vendor where you buy it .. good luck bro
  4. Yeah, I've tried everything mate, reseated it and everything. Ive looked on forums

    and it seems to be a common problem and may infact be a defective motherboard, as none of the pints are bent =/.

    many thanks though, is irratating when it just decides not to work the following morning >.<
  5. your power supply might have gone bad. my step dads computer did the exact same thing minus the red light and a ps swap fixed it.
    they normally die when they turn on. it most of the time kills just one of the lanes of voltage. normally 12v since its the most stressed being as almost everything uses it. but if the motherboard doesnt get enough power it just comes on and stalls, spinning fans and nothing more.
    swap your power supply with another around the house or call a friend to use theirs. and see if that fixes it. if so you know what to buy if not then its either your memory, motherboard or cpu. and as henydiah said try them out in another system one by one to find the bad part.
  6. Ok cheers mate, ill try out another CPU now. just I didnt think it would be that, it's a corsair 950w set me back like £120 and only had this system for about 4months now. but ill check it out. thanks :)
  7. Tried another PSU, still same light. also double checked the pins on cpu and motherboard all seemed perfectly fine although it's not like the old cpu is an I5 so is just flat. with the central pins but are fine.

    sent an rma for the motherboard. as the cpu has no signs of overheating or burns etc so only thing I can think off =/
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