Changing my hard-drive configuration from regular to raid

ive been wanting to setup a raid system with hard-drives, only got 1 2tb hd at the moment, thinking about getting 1 more, how hard is it to setup and do i need a raid controller card, and whats the biggest benefits of getting raid thanks.
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    you can run the basic RAID0 or RAID1 on a motherboard these days. Its not hard to setup per se, just need to deal with any existing data on your 2tb hdd

    RAID0 gives you twice the speed of 1 drive while maintaining maximum space (i.e. 2x2tb drives = 4tb drive. but there is no redundancy, meaning if 1 of those drives fails, you loose all the data (still not much different if you only have 1 drive and that failed)

    RAID1 give you half the speed, half the capacity (i.e. 2x2tb drives = 2tb drive) but redundancy, meaning if 1 of those drives fail, you still have a copy of your data.

    If you go with RAID1 you can keep your data and use that drive as a "Master" drive and it will build the RAID1 using the blank new drive. If you go with RAID0 you will loose any data on that drive when you create the RAID0 array.
  2. well just to inform, ive got a 500gig hd external, and a 600gig for more backup,

    do i have to use the exact same type and model of hd for raid?

    also point me to a guide that would help me setup it up.

  3. it is always best to get the same model HDDs when RAIDing, tho its not a must, just eliminates the possibility of incompatability or other issues.

    In the BIOS of your motherboard you will need to enable RAID and then when it boots up hit the appropriate Ctrl-F or Ctrl-I. CHECK YOUR MOTHERBOARD MANUAL!
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  5. thanks for the help mancer.
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