Gamestop Selling GPUs now???

I was looking on the GS site to see if I could find the wireless receiver for 360 controllers on pc and I noticed that GS had some GPUs listed. It says they are available for pre-order on the 9/3/10, anybody know what that's about? Are they taking pc gaming a little more seriously now?

Its and old gpu (8400 GS), one that I hear is ok for physx (GT 220) and one I guess is fairly high end (GTX460). There might be more on the site but I didn't keep looking.

I hope this means they are investing in pc gamers more. I love GS (despite bashing GS being the popular thing to do nowdays) hopefully I can find more pc game there.

Anyway what you guys think of this? Legit or some kinda strange mix up?
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  1. Interesting. The GTX 460 is (in my mind) the Mainstream to High end video card right now. But I'm a performance enthusiast. :)

    A GT220 (or especially a pitiful 8400GS) are not modern gaming GPUs in my personal opinion.

    It's interesting that they do not give any brand name, or any specs on that GTX 460. Not to mention, Pre-Order status? LOL They aren't THAT new.
  2. Well i'd take a 5870 over the GTX 460 but that's just me. I personally have a 5770. I know some of these cards are old and the only one i'd consider getting (the GT 220) I could probably find for less on newegg.

    I use ATI (or AMD) as the name will soon be. But I got a hold of those hacked drivers so I get the 220 for physx alone. I just find it interesting that GS is selling actual cards now (maybe).
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