What are the size deminsions of a palit GTX 460 1gb sonic?

My computer is not very big and i need to know if the card above will fit. (case size 9.5") :bounce:
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  1. PCB: 7.40" (L) x 4.41" (W)

    It's a small card compared to most, you shouldn't have any issues unless you are running an HTCP case.
  2. Thank you, but what is a htpc case?

  3. Basically a case that normally uses low profile cards.
  4. ima tell you what my case is and it would be really nice if you could tell me if it will fit. the case looks a little like that. =D
  5. Rosewill R101-P-BK MicroATX Mid Tower PC Case is the case i have

  6. as you can see your case is much wider than the above case, just make sure you tuck away the cables to get the best airflow possible.
  7. Thank you, you were very helpful. i will most likly get the card. =D
  8. i have 1 last question, does my case have good ventalation?
  9. HostileDonut said:
    i have 1 last question, does my case have good ventalation?

    Not really, you should invest in a cheap mid tower like an Antec/Coolermaster/Rosewill. You will have much more space, easier cable management and better overall airflow. Here is an example :

    There are a few good cases that start at around 35.00/45.00$


    If a new case is out of the question I would make sure that the front intake on your current case has sufficient airflow to at least reach the GPU.
  10. Okay so my case wont work. What if i got a gigabyte gtx 460 wich has 2 fans would that keep it cool inside? Yes a new case is out of the question. :??:
  11. P.S. i dont have a fan in the front. =(
  12. Personally I wouldn't install a 460 in a case that has no intake fan unless your room is fairly cold all year long. Check to see if your case has room for a front intake, it seems like it does unless its a vent.
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