HD4200 problems with Windows 7 Aero

This had been a issue that bugs me for a long time. And I confirmed is a problem for HD4200 when I fixed my laptop for my bro with Intel GMA3000 I guess or 965Express Chipset.
My specs are
AMD Phenom II X4 945
Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
HD4200 with 128MB side port(But it didn't showed in GPU-Z, correct me I'm wrong, it showed 112MB DDR2 on PCI interface) with 32MB Shared
2X1GB DDR3-1333
Running on 1920x1080
Windows 7 64Bit

My laptop specs
Intel Celeron-M 560 2.1GHz Single core
2X1GB DDR2-800
Intel GMA3000/965Express with 8MB shared
Running on 1280x800

The laptop ran the windows 7 aero very well, not a bit of lagging, my desktop, if I enable 32MB shared for the HD4200, It runs smoothly, but if I disable it, aero will run very choppy, I wonder why this happens, I already had the latest driver, even though having issues while installing. I thought the HD4200 has the 128MB DDR3 side port and suppose a lot powerful than the 965Express given a quad core is powering it, and yet it will be choppy if I disable the 32MB shared memory, and the 965Express only use 8MB of shared video memory.
And also why is it the GPU-Z show DDR2 and running on PCI?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You may want to revise your question - it doesn't make a lot of sense, well i guess your question is unclear.

    BTW comparing Apples to Oranges
  2. Okay to summarize it, HD4200 is slower than 965 Express in Windows 7 Aero.
    How could this be happening?
    And also GPU-z is showing 112MB DDR2 and runs on PCI interface, this doesn't make sense cause it should be DDR3-1333 and i don't think it runs on PCI interface since it is integrated.
  3. You mentioned having problems with the driver installation, can you clarify more ? did it give any errors?
  4. Yeap it says no drivers were installed, but when I check the control center, it says 10.8, but I don't think is driver issue since I'm having this problem since day 1 which is 7 months ago
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