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Hi can somebody please give me some advice on where the bottlneck in my pc
i have built it over the last year but seem to be geting what i think are low
scores in benchmarking programs like pcmark and the like the only thing i can
think of is maybe the HDD is bit slow and i should go to a 10k drive

aney advice would be much apreciated

System Specs
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor Black adition
Architecture 64-bit
Internal Clock 3.4 GHz
Internal Clock Maximum 3.4 GHz
External Clock 200.0 MHz

ATI Radeon HD 5850
Total Local Video Memory 1.00 GB
Total Local Texture Memory 1.00 GB
AGP Aperture Size 1.75 GB

2.00 GB
Form Factor DIMM
Frequency 1333 MHz
Manufacturer kingston
Enabled Size 2.00 GB
Total Bit Width 64 b
Data Bit Width 64 b


Supported Slot Types PCI, PCI Express
Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Model GA-MA790FXT-UD5P

850w silverstone
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  1. Your spec is alright. What's your WEI score?
  2. 5.9 limited by HDD everything else around 7.8
  3. Hmm...
    10k rpm HDD is not your answer. SSD is more suitable.
    Try considering the SSD :
    -Crucial C300
    -G.Skill phoenix Pro
    -OCZ Vertex 2

    BTW :
    Are you having 3x2GB RAM? A.K.A 6GB?If it is true :
    Remember AMD is working only with 2 channeled RAM. Having 3x2GB will make your system running only on 1 Channeled RAM.
    3x2GB is meant only for i7 LGA1366.
    You might either pull a 2GB stick out of the system or add another 2GB stick.
  4. SSD sounds like the go although i will havto settle for no biger then a 120GB with the RAM issue would i be better of pulling out the old ram and geting 2x4GB sticks

    thanks for reply
  5. Your motherboard has 4 memory slots, meaning it'll run in dual-channel. Above you posted 3x2 RAM, so entire system is running at single-channel.
    Easy way, but more pricey: to unplug one stick, then buy 2x2 GB RAM sticks.
    Harder way, but less pricey: try to buy one 2 GB stick that has identical match with your memory.
    Your choice. Can ask for help 'ere for the 2nd way.

    Also, responding to first question yes SSD is faster than 10,000 rpm hdd so it's a preferred buy than 10k HDD upgrade.
  6. thanks for advice might just sell old ram get 2 new 4GB sticks or will it be ok jus to get another stick of 2GB kingson 1333MHz and run
    4 sticks in tottal for 8GB RAM
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