Incosistent Fps

Im getting inconsistent fps im doing a stress test on Counterstrike Source with a 460 GTX and only getting 272 fps on 1024x768
this happened to me on my old computer and i dont know why -_- somebody please help

My specs are
i5 655k @ 3.2ghz
p7p55d lx mobo
4Gb Ram
nvidia 460GTX
Coolermaster 750W
500GB harddrive
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  1. Try to overclock your cpu and your gpu
  2. If you're getting that high of FPS it doesn't matter if its inconsitent.

    Anyway Counterstrike Source has been running oddly for a lot of people on the newer hardware, just be glad yours works, and works really well.

    Also a GTX 460 for a 1024x768? Talk about overkill.
  3. counterstrike source is hardly a stress test...and why are you complaining about 272 fps???
  4. Update all your drivers and your motherboards BIO's. This should help on the soft/firm-ware side of things. If this doesn't help I'll Guesstimate that its just the card, see as its so high its not really necessary to keep trying to increase the FPS, but run some test's on other benchmarks such as 3Dmark06 and Crysis etc and then compare to whats already online.
  5. 60FPS is smooth enough and you are getting 272. Why are you worrying?
  6. I always find these threads funny; 200+ FPS on a moniter that likely can only display 60.

    Now, if you had a 240 HZ CRT, then maybe you'd have reason to complain...
  7. My 5850 runs css at over 500+ all the time, no peek full graphics.
  8. Type in console fps_max 999
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