ECS GeForce6100PM-M2 V3 RAID-1 2x2TB not working

I am attempting to setup a RAID-1 mirror with my 2x2TB drives that are identical sata drives. I setup the BIOS to raid for the two sata ports and setup the raid array in the F10 nvidia raid utility on startup... Everything is fine and I boot into windows and the Raid software says "Healthy" then I go to Disk Management and initialize the disk and everything is still fine. Then, I format the drive and once it completes, the Nvidia utility reports one drive has been "Removed from the array" and I now have One drive showing "Healthy" and the other showing "Error" and Windows has 1 2TB drive with a drive letter and the array is broken. I boot up and the array shows "Degraded" in BIOS. These are brand new drives I bought today. I don't Understand... I'm running Windows XP 32 bit and I have the Latest BIOS and Chipset drivers.
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  1. I called in to ECS tech support and spoke to Mitch who suggested it could be a SATA port or cable/drive issue. I had used two cables before and saw no change but I decided to try a third anyway and it Works fine now. I looked at the two other cables and found out the end where it meets the plastic was a little torn into and I figured out it was the video card that I had installer earlier was jamming down on the SATA connectors and apparently broke two of them. Thanks for the help and kudos to Mitch for the solution.

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