Frequency and timings on Corsair Ballistix DDR3 1600MHz

I have 4 x 2GB Corsair Ballistic PC12800 1600MHz RAM. Recently I've become more interested in overclocking my system. Ive innstalled CPUz which says that me memory is set at 667Mhz, and the timings is said to be 9,9,9,24,33. Shouldn't it be 800MHz, and 8,8,8,24 timings? I have an AMD Phenom II x4 955, clocked at 3,9GHz, with the FSB at 205 and a multiplier of 19. I haven't altered the RAM-settings, they're on auto settings.

Could it be that the auto settings aren't good enough? Do I need to set the frequency and timings manualy? If so, how do I do this? I've tried looking at the settins for the timings, and it was quite overwhelming. Should I set the RAM multiplier at 800Mhz and the FSB at 200? I've tried with higher FSB and lower RAM-multiplier, but this leads to a highly unstable system, even when I lower the CPU frequency. Why is my computer unstable at high FSB? I make sure that the CPU doesn't get a too high freq, same goes for the N/B-frequency (which I got stable at 2600Mhz). Vcore is set manualy to 1,5V. Is there another voltage-parameter I need to tweak? Not just the Vcore?
As you may notice, I'm quite the novice when it comes to computers and overclocking, but I sure want to learn! It's fun to do :)

Could it be a problem with 4 RAM-sticks?

I¨ve tried to google search this, but couldn't find a decent answer.

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  1. RAM Default for the Phenom II is 1333, which is why the MB is downclocking the RAM to 667 (667x2 = ~1333)

    In order to get the higher ram speed you will need to OC it.
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Those Ballistix AREN'T Corsair, those are build for Crucial. Since the RAM is rated at 1600MHz you won't need overclock, just go to your BIOS and set all the specs manually.
  3. Sorry, of course they're crucial.
    I've now set them manualy, and I'm running a stress test. I just got some questions; CPUz shows 5 memory parameters; (Cl, tRCD, trp, tras, tRC)
    On the RAM-pieces, it only shows 4 (8,8,8,24). I guess these are the first four in the list above. I've now manualy set the memory to 8,8,8,24 and the last one (tRC) to auto. What should I set this to? 33?

    Just one more question with the FSB-frequency. What makes me computer unstable with a high fsb, when the CPU, H/t-link and N/b-multipliers are set low? Does it got something to do with some of the voltages? Now, I've only manualy set the Vcore (1,5V) and DRAM (1,65V)
  4. 1- 33 or 34 one of those two should work.
    2- You have a BE CPU that means than you don't need the FSB for overclock but for answer your question, when you use the FSB you change CPU,NB, HT and DRAM frequency at the same time. Something that's more complicated get stable since you are changing a lot of settings and not only one.
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