Socket: PPGA478 vs. PGA478 vs. P

What, exactly, is the difference in these? For example, can a T5450 be replaced with a T8300?
If not, why? What are the differences? Sorry if this is a dumb question, obviously they're two different socket types, but I'm trying to learn everything I can from asking..

And what's the difference between a PPGA478 and socket P? And please explain in "stupid"-speak... thanks!
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  1. thanks for the quick reply, rolli, but even on the socket 479 page, it's got core 2 duo's listed under both socket 479 & socket p. I just need someone to maybe explain the differences between the PGA478 and PPGA478..and socket P.
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    Most of it are upgrades for newer CPU´s (smaller dies) but you can find all the information here there are links to the different sockets in the technical specs.
  3. thanks rolli, that I can understand... :)
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