Gaming PC, does this components work well?


I am planning on building my first PC, and since I don't have a lot of experience, I hope someone can answer some questions I have. What I am planning on buying:

CPU: Intel core i5-760 -
MB: Asus P7P55D Deluxe -
PSU: Corsair HX 750W -
Memory: Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 CL9 4 GB ( 2x2 GB ) -
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 1 GB Toxic -
Hard drive:
Samsung Spinpoint F1 1 TB -
Cabinet: Lian Li PC-P50BSCAND (I think it is the same as PC-P50) -

Monitor: BenQ E2220HD -

1. Does this components work together?
2. Is it probable that I can keep the MB, PSU and Cabinet for some time? I mean, can I keep those and upgrade my PC in the future by adding an extra GPU, more RAM etc.
3. If someone know, how long video cards fit in the cabinet? I have read that even the HD 5970 fit if the hard drives are placed correct
4. If someone has experience with the monitor, I would like to know.

I will use the PC mostly for gaming, and hope it can run games like Sc2, Mw2 and CiV5 well.
Planning on buying within one or two weeks, but could wait a little longer.
Maybe some overclock or Cross-fire in the future.
Live in Norway.
Budget: can use more if of any use.

As said, have never build a PC before, so feel free to comment on everything!

Thanks to everyone in advance
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    1) they should all work together just fine.
    2) Computers age rapidly. If you want to stay on bleeding edge of computer graphics and gaming, a PC will usually last at least 2 years, 3 with minor upgrades. 5 if bleeding edge isn't needed.
    3) Lan-Li are very good cases for big cards
    4) I haven't used THAT BenQ, but I have had a BenQ before (an old 17" 1280x1024 model) but its a decent lowe end monitor company.

    I would say that for a single 5850 that 750W is overkill, unless you plan to do crossfire *and* heavy overclocking. For just the single card, a 550W is plenty.
  2. Thanks for the answer!

    2) What I meant was would it be probable that I can use the same case, PSU (and maybe the MB) for perhaps tree or four years, do minor upgrades, and still have a nice PC? (Or does one have to change most of the parts regularly)
  3. 2. 3-4 yrs is reasonable for a build like this
  4. Ok, thanks.

    Anything else I should think about, or is it just to buy and put together?
  5. just a note: the 1156 chipset will be phased out at the beginning of 2011. this just means you won't have an easy upgrade path for your cpu. But in 2-3 years you won't want to try to do that anyway.
  6. Ok, didn't know that.
    But as you say, guess this will last some years, and then I will have to buy new MB, CPU etc. anyways.
  7. Why not also swap out your psu for a 650w corsair one?

    Its almost half the price and will still be able to hand an overclock and a second 5850 in the future.

    Also heres some ram with the same price/speed but slightly better timing:

    Why not this 5850:

    Its $75 cheaper and you can easily o.c. to the same specs as the toxic 5850.
  8. Hi. Nice you try to help!

    I don't know how it is in US (I live in Norway), but here it is almost the same price for 650W and 750W corsair HX (so think still I'm going for 750W)

    Looked up the ram, and it's quite more expansive for me to buy, either here or from abroad (considering taxes)

    I choose this version of 5850, because it should be more silent and have a lower temperature, so that one could overclock it quite much (
    Also, it's a different price here :)

    But thanks anyways!
  9. Have you looking into a 5870 instead? For the price your paying for the 5850 you can get a 5870 here in the us. Even with a mild overclock, the 5870 will be able to beat your heavily overclocked 5850 in the article you showed.
  10. Here, I would have to pay approximately 70$ extra. Do you think it would be worth it?
    I'm thinking that the increase in performance is too little, and that the 5870 would make more noise. I mean, how noticeable will the difference between them be ingame (as of 2010)?
  11. If you have to pay $70 on what you will have to pay for the 5850 you choose than i definitely wouldn't do it. The difference is about 20% more. not worth it imo.
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