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Does Antec CP-850 PSU fit in a FT-02?

Was reading reviews on this PSU and it mentioned that it was only compatible with three large Antec cases. I'm curious if this will fit in a Silverstone FT-02 case? Or is there a better option for PSU I've heard alot about Corsairs.

Only thing I'm certain on for my rig atm is FT-02 for the case a GTX580 and an Asus P67 board (not sure of pro or deluxe). And that I want to leave the option of throwing another 580 in down the road.
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  1. No it will not, the CP-850 is CPX form factor which is antec specific, it will only fit in the Antec 1200, some of the P series cases, and some of the larger Dark Fleet cases, it wont fit in any non-Antec case that i know of.

    Its hard to beat the performance of the CP-850 for the price since they had extra space to spread stuff out to and keep costs down, but the XFX 850W unit comes pretty close and has enough power for 2 580s easily.
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    The CP-850 is a rock steady unit but won't fit, please keep the FT02 though.

    The XFX is good quality and silly money, or this Corsair is silver rated with 7 yr warranty.

    This might help you choose boards, the Deluxe has the front USB box, 16+2 power design and extra ethernet.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. Looks like I'm gonna go with the Corsair HX850W.

    And ty for the links very helpful on figuring out which way I wanna go on motherboard.
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