Need help finding a Decent power supply

i need to find a decent powersupply for my hp pavilion a6400f that will have a Radeon HD 5670 running on it
ive come across this power supply was wondering if it is worth the price some say that its besically a renamed elite 400 i double checked on newegg and the price were about the same

preferably under 30-35$

COOLER MASTER Elite 460 RS-460-PSAR-J3 460W ATX12V V2.31 Power Supply 30$
Diablotek DA Series PSDA400 400W ATX12V Power Supply 20$
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  1. Neither of those two are good ideas, especially not that diablotek. The 430CX is a bit more expensive, $35 after Mail In Rebate, but its far better than those two options, that diablotek only has 12A on its 12V rail, thats 144W, 80% of a modern system's power comes from the 12V rail so it definitely wouldnt stand up for very long, the cooler master one is also an older far less efficient design, it doesnt claim to get anywhere near 80% efficiency.
  2. Grab one of these the others aren't good options.

    EDIT - +1^ :lol:
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    I dont think a decent PSU exist for under $35. I can't open your links for some reason.
    Here is one that might be decent.

    This once certainly is:
  4. they are all well above 40$ im looking for one that works with the video card
    for under 35$ basically the best powersupply i can get with 35$ or less that fits my requirements

    if u cant use links ive posted the names
  5. Another vote for the Corsair CX430. There is nothing else under $40 on newegg worth recommending.
  6. thxs guys i bought a CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 with ati 5670
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