Do i need 750w or 850w PSU?

I am running an

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
2x2gb 1600mhz DDR3 Ram
2 Hdds (though one is just for backup and they arent in RAID setup, one is a 500gb WD Caviar blue the other is only 150gb WD 7200RPM (its like 5 years old just use it for backing up files)

My GPU will be a 5800 series (5850 or 5870) or one of the new 6k series (which i hear require less wattage then the 5k series)
I do plan to EVENTUALLY Crossfire if things keep going they way they are
And i may or may not overlock my CPU sometime along the line

so based on this do i need 750w or 850w?

Reading different sites and different recommendations some sites say 750w is ample while others say 850w is better

Anyone with experience please help
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  1. regardless of which i need the 750w or 850w

    Ill prob be getting the XFX Black edition 850w (if i go 850w cuz its 139$ after MIR)

    if i go 750w it will probably be a 750tx for 85$ CDN after MIR (because a 750 HX is 129$ and the XFX Black 750w is 134$) so if i decide to up my budget ill end up getting an 850w cuz its 5$ more....but if not and 750w is ample and people say a 750tx is good enough 750tx here i come!
  2. 750 watt should be fine, the ati cards arent very power hungry, just make sure you get a decent brand of PSU, such as corsair, antec, xfx, seasonic and so on
  3. like i said if i got 750W im probably going the Corsair 750TX

    if i go for 850w ill get the XFX Black Edition Semi Modular

    reason being is at 750w any semi modular or better PSU is the price of the 850w PSU

    so yah its 85$ for a 750tx or 119$ for a XFX Black 850w

    (both prices after MIR)
  4. 850 will run 3 x 5870's no problem so pick what you think is best
  5. just got the XFX XPS Black Edition 850w for 139.99$ before 20$MIR

    ill let you know how it goes after installed....

    any good suggestions on how to TEST the PSU after installation and stress it a bit to make sure its stable?
  6. occt is ok and then run prime and furmark together
  7. elaborate im a newb when it comes to PSUs and stressing systems etc.....
  8. installed and loving fine so just to make sure it lasts so can u elaborate on how to test it?
  9. what about the 3dmarks from futuremark? if so which one to use?


    didnt realize the 3dmarks were all running the trial version of this a good enough indicator? or should i do other tests?
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  11. is there an alloted time i should run these for?
  12. If you want to test out how much you're actually pulling from the wall on idle and under load tests, pick up one of these kill-a-watts:
  13. jasonp12 said:
    is there an alloted time i should run these for?

    hour or 2 should do it but its an awesome psu anyway i dont get why you need to stress it its one of the top 5 on the market today in the 850 range
  14. i didnt i just wanted to make sure its not faulty but it clearly isnt
  15. when running prime 95 which setting should i use?
  16. Blend for overall stressing small ftt for max cpu stressing
  17. thanks! how do i set # of workers?

    i just installed a hyper 212+ and wanna make sure i got it in good and setup well....

    what you recommend i run?
  18. When you open is it should default to the amount of workers your cpu can handle but the should be a small options tab when start it
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