Identifying whether CPU or Mainboard dead

Hello, Is there any record of an abnormal occurrence of dead computers due to AMD-motherboard stress/conflict? All of the dead computers I have come accross, whatever the make of the system board, have had AMD processors
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  1. don't know how you come across dead pcs if you have a biz or just personally,, but i don't know if you can only contribute it to the AMD on this,, however I would say if you lift the cooler off the chip and the cooler wasn't loose, broken or the chip has no physical signs of damage after you remove it from the board,, I would say it is board issue,, there are alot of cheap ass boards on the market from OEMs that don't last as long as the cpu.

    alot of the cheap boards will have leaky caps/ cheap components to make the entire system seem like a better deal at retail.
  2. How many times are you going to post this today?

    There are no such occurrences. AMD cpu's go into most budget computers, which come with cheap barebones motherboards.

    Dead computer does not equal dead cpu. Likely it's the power supply or motherboard that's dead.
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