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Howdy all. I don't stop in here too often, but I last built a system about 2 years ago when i7 was still just on the horizon.

I'm getting the itch again and wondering if some of you would be so kind as to help me get started building a new system using the i7 chipset. Or perhaps I should be waiting for something that is near in the future?

Primary purpose of this system will be gaming, although it could potentially also get some coding use.

As far as budget, it's not a huge concern, but I don't want to be spending huge dollars for stuff that is bleeding edge, when I can get solid performance for dramatically cheaper.

I don't do hardware often enough to even know how to start (though I do rather enjoy assembling the system), so I appreciate any advice you all can offer.

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  1. If your just going to be doing primarily heavy gaming, it would be better to stick to a p55 build as its cheaper and will deliver the same performance as a x58 build.

    HAF 922 case
    950w psu
    4gb g.skill 1600 ram
    Hyper 212+
    p7p55d-e pro + gtx 480 combo
    Optical drive
    1tb spinpoint f3

    Ssd boot drive? Add $125
    G.skill 60gb ssd

    $1360 after shipping/mir. Windows 7? add $100 for home oem edition. (without ssd)

    It's a strong build and if you have another $450 do drop you can grab another gtx 480 for extra performance.
  2. Sorry the ssd is included in the price.

    Heres a monitor too if you need it:
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