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I'm considering buying a Toshiba A660 series laptop used mosting for work but also like to use it to watch & record HDTV. It has Intel i5-450 process but video card is Intel HD graphics 64MB shared memory which I've read isn't good enough for HDTV. The computer price is good so can I change the card & if so with what?
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  1. No you can't change it, only few laptops(such as some AW/Sager models) allow VGA upgrading.
  2. Thanks, glad I asked before I bought it. Is the video card that comes with it suitable for HDTV viewing?
  3. Yes, for just HDTV, Intel HD is enough (not great but enough), as long as you have a good CPU then you will be fine.
    Playing HD video will be more CPU demanding than GPU. :)
  4. I'm not a gamer so sounds like this will work for my application. Sure appreciate your advice. I've read so much it's difficult to figure out what choices to make.
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