HAF 912 + Antec Big Boy 200

Hey All,

I have a HAF 912 case, and I would like to put a 200mm fan in the top exhaust. I've read that sleeve bearing fans like the Megaflow 200mm do not do well in a horizontal setup.

The only 200mm non-sleeve fan I can find is the Antec Big Boy 200, which is ball bearing.

I know that Coolermaster 200mm bolt pattern is not the same as that of Antec.

Has anyone succesfully mounted an Antec Big Boy into the HAF 912 top exhaust spot without having to make major modifications or use zip-tags?

If this can't be done relatively easily, I'll just pick up 2 120mm Scythe S-Flex Es and call it a day.

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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    It should work. Just because they are different companies does not mean the manufacturing is different. Try to get ONE fan and see. If not, get the other.

  2. Yeah should be the same hole positions.

    Why do you think they are different?
  3. The pictures appear to have different measurements for all 200mm fans, no matter what the company.

    Unlike smaller fans, which have a standardized shape, the big fans seem to be unique to each brand.

    I'll just pick up the one and see if it works.

    I guess the worst that happens is I'm out $15.

  4. The fan dimensions may be different but the fixing holes should all tie up if its a 200mm fan.

    Some 140mm fans are sold with 120mm fixing holes but it is clearly stated in the description.

    These are pretty cool, but if you can find the Antec for $15 get them.
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