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i want to build a computer for purely gaming applications i am looking at a dual socket MOBO for 2 core 2 quads / i7s (pls tell me which is better) with 3 palit GTX 480s on u-sli and the budjet is not a problem with 20 gb ram at the minimum pls tel me the best possible configuration for this
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  1. The only board I know of that can support 2 i7s is the EVGA Classified (Server Mobo): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188070
    It uses the i7-900 series server CPU counterpart, the Xeon.

    However, for gaming applications, I don't think you will see any realistic gain in having a second CPU or more than 12GB RAM (or 6GB for that matter); you should stick with a standard 4-6 core CPU, get three GTX 480s, 6GB RAM, and then spend a ton to watercool the whole thing properly (you HAVE to with 3 480s).

    My current setup only has an i7-930 + 6GB RAM + 2 GTX 460s and I can play almost any game at Highest Settings @ 1920x1080; the only issues I have from time to time is when I add DirectX 11 functionality. I would need better GPUs to run DX11 at max settings. Since you'll be getting better GPUs and more of them, your system will run them flawlessly; you will need a better CPU than mine so that SLI doesn't bottleneck, but not 2 CPUs.

    Also, go with a better brand than Palit. They don't make their stuff very well and it breaks easily. My EVGA cards have a lifetime warranty and are superb.
  2. A dual processor gaming rig would be a complete waste of money. Most games wont even use more than 2 cores. Like boiler also said, 6gb will run any games so its useless as well to get more. An i7 w/ 3x480's will play anything on the market now and probably into the next couple years.
  3. ^ Agreed. It is a massive waste of money to get a 2P board for gaming.
  4. My normal computer use is usually 2 WoW sessions, Outlook, YIM, FF (4-6 tabs open), along with Windows Media Center watching live TV (perfect digital picture too!!) on my 2nd screen.

    I have an i7-930 with 6 GB of RAM and I barely top 25% on all 8 cores/threads. Even with all that running. In an ICC 25 raid. (I know, WoW isn't the most demanding of games in the first place.)

    Oh, and I'm doing all that with a GTS 250 too!!!

    Get a i7-930/950, UD3R (or UD5 or UD7 even), and then MAX out your GPU's and cooling. Go look at all the benchmarks here for the best cards for the games you play. My next upgrade is going to be a new video card after the AMD 6xxxx's come out and the prices drop. Then maybe next year, get a 2nd one for xfire/SLI. And with that, I should be good for another 5 years.
  5. Just as an "update," I played Metro 2033 (newest game I own) on Maximum Settings using DX11 and the highest Anti-Aliasing, and it held up very well. I'd guess about 35 FPS for the most part; there was a little bit of stuttering here and there, but no massive lagging.

    You would be absolutely golden with 3 480s.
  6. thx ppl really needed some advice right now imstuckup with a stock acer mobo and a single gtx 460 iv been saving up money for thee ultimate run but ive decided to goin for a new mobo with 3 gtx480 and a i7-960 and crank the whole thing up but i will do that later well for now all i want is a new mbo for my acer sa-90 as my current mobo just wont overclock give me some advice
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