Okay i got a new Intel 520 Series 120gb SSD today. I had an old WD Cavlar 500GB HDD.

My Decision on getting the new SSD was to ONLY put my OS (Windows 7) and maybe a few games so when i start/restart my computer it would be faster, and same for gaming. --Side note i'm a heavy gamer.

I already have installed Windows 7 on the SSD, but very very confused on how to combine both of my Hard drives so my computer will be able to use the drivers/programs/games i have on the HDD. (Motherboard/graphics/etc...)

Is there anything i can do?

When i purchased the SSD i thought i was going to be able to clone my OS, and just my OS, on to my SSD from my HDD but that didn't work because i had to much space used on my HDD to be able to completely clone everything to the SSD...

the steps i took to install windows/SSD: (If this matters/helps with responds)

Shut down PC. Installed SSD into Hard Drive bay. Hook up power/SATA cable to SSD. Unplugged only SATA cable from my old HDD. Started computer with Windows 7 CD inside. When computer was starting up, i pressed Del to get BIOS screen. i Activated the SATA ACHI and left the old IDE (If thats what the other one was called) on SATA 5-6 ports for my Old HDD. Installed Windows normal. Got to desktop to see it have non of my old Drives.
Thats basically it.

I am now learning the basics of computers from videos and just testing stuff.

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  1. you cannot transfer previously installed drivers/programs/games from your hard drive to the SSD, and you cannot "combine" the two drives.

    Now that a fresh Windows has been installed on the SSD, you will have to re-install the drivers/programs/games using the original installation files or installation media.
  2. Okay so basically i have to start fresh? So is there no way of using both drives?

    Would i have to uninstall everything on my HDD for it to work?
    after uninstalling everything, install windows on my SSD and continue forward? but when i install my drives again at that point, would installing it to my HDD work? or am i only locked into using 1 hard drive???

    Btw thanks phil.
  3. lol i am in the same situation as you however i thought that you could use 2 drives even if the Old HDD had programs on it. you may have to activate the old hdd in disk manager and I know its stupid of me to ask but did you plug the power back into the prolly did. On that note It seems you will have to re-install all the programs you want on the new SSD
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