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SanDisk Extreme 240GB vs. Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB

Hi everyone. I'm trying to decide which of these two drives is better, and based on the stats alone, I think the Kingston drive would be the winner. However, I know these numbers may not necessarily mean a whole lot when it comes to actual performance.

Can anyone give me any insight as to which drive would be a better purchase and why? Does anyone have any experience using either of them?

Here are the specs:

SanDisk Extreme (SDSSDX-240G):

Sustained R/W - 550MB/520MB
Random R/W - 39K IOPS/83K IOPS

Kingston HyperX 3k (SH103S3/240G):

Sustained R/W - 555MB/510MB
Random R/W - 86K IOPS/60K IOPS

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Kingston HyperX 3k < I own this SSD and it runs flawless and fast.Boots into windows in under 10 seconds.
  2. I'm actually already using the San Disk Extreme and haven't been having any problems. Everything is running well, but I could exchange it for a Kingston if I wanted to. What I really want to know is, would there be any noticeable performance difference between the two? It looks like the Random R/W is going to be faster on the Kingston, but I'm not sure what kind of a performance increase that'll be in reality.
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    You won't notice any major difference.
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  5. Thanks!
  6. Your welcome.
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