4G of ram enough?

is 4G of ram enough for runing window 7 64bit and 1080p gaming ? does it has any real advantage to get 8G? framerate wise
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  1. 4GB is sufficient in most cases, but it's so dirt cheap, why not just get 8gb?
  2. A lot of newer games suggest at least 4 GB of RAM, so yes it is *enough* but you would definitely see a difference if you put in 6 or 8GB in instead.
  3. Yes I agree. RAM is a cheap commodity and you will see the difference between 4 + 8gb for definite.
  4. Tests have shown small gains from increasing the RAM from 4 GB. to 8 GB. I agree if you're buying now, get 8 GB. as it's dirt cheap but don't expect big gains because it doesn't happen.
  5. At $52 for 8GB why even consider anything else ? But the technical answer is here:

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