460 hawk 1000MHz on air?

ok can the msi hawk 460 really be perfectly stable at 1000MHz on its stock air cooler like that advertise?? and can it go higher??

now i see the 460s at up to 780mhz (hawk) but i see the 480s at 756

does that mean the 460 is up the the 480s capabilities or no im guessing a 480 at 700mhz is faster than a 460 at 700mhz right??
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  1. The Hawk CAN be overlcocked to 1Ghz, or so MSI claims you may be able to go higher, but they have it set to 780 at "stock".
  2. Most websites that were able to hit 1Ghz either had a cold ambient or they took the screen shot right before it crashed. Don't expect 1Ghz to be guaranteed as this is most likely possible by having the GPU watercooled when it comes to a 24/7 OC.

    Here you can see where the temps where still rising and the photo was taken at the 43 second mark.

  3. Quote:
    does that mean the 460 is up the the 480s capabilities or no im guessing a 480 at 700mhz is faster than a 460 at 700mhz right??

    From various reviews across the web, and discussion about its potential. IMO, the gtx 460@850 starts being competitive with the gtx 470@607mhz, even besting it sometimes.
    But sometimes not, certain quality settings favor one card over the other. It can't touch a gtx 480, which is @700mhz.
    Here is a gtx 460@810mhz, its near the gtx 470 in this game.

  4. Usually when people hit these ultra high clocks they are only stable for a very short time or in 2D only. So don't feel bad when you don't crack 1ghz only to bsod or throw artifacts. Most samples won't come close unless well cooled and possible vmods but you can try to unlock the clocks so that you can focus on the core without maxing the shader. This is how one gets 1.7ghz shader on a old 8800gtx while the core is still stock.
  5. 95%+ of the current GTX 460's arn't very stable at 1ghz on air.

    It's still a great card, with lots of OC headroom.
  6. I have mine running at 920/1050. Through much testing, thats the max !
    I have the msi 1g cyclone.
    Since this thread might get read, I got a email from newegg this morning.
    Great DEAL
    The Gigabyte gtx 460 , 768 twin fan video card, OCZ 600 watt psu =209.99 with 30 dollar rebate 179.99 total. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.493756&nm_mc=EMC-GD090110&cm_mmc=EMC-GD090110-_-EMC-090110-Index-_-combo-_-Combo493756-L0F
  7. 920 mhz for the MSI Cyclone seems to be the max with some voltage tweaking. The Hawk edition is a completely new custom PCB that includes special voltage regulators and a new version of the Twin Frozr cooling that should allow for higher overclocks.
    www.guru3d.com is going to have a review out tomorrow (Sept. 2):
    A quote:
    "And then there's the overclock potential ... a new voltage regulation circuitry was embedded, allowing not only to play and tweak around with GPU voltages, nope ... they added voltage control for the memory and Auxilary/PLL voltage as well."
  8. Another GTX 460, that might be considered 'the best' is the Axle Ace edition.
    Tech power up reviewed it. It has the more complex voltage circuitry, more capacitors, chokes, the heat sinks and a triple slot cooler. They did not overclock with voltage, why not ! http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Axle/GeForce_GTX_460_ACE_1024_MB/4.html

    This is what the Cyclone pcb looks like:
  9. It looks like Tech Powerup was unable to get it past 940 mhz with the voltage tweaking. In fact, without any voltage tweaking, it looks like it overclocks about the same as most other GTX460 cards ~(878 mhz). It will be interesting to see some of the other reviews.
  10. Well, Guru3d was unable to overclock the Hawk to 1Ghz. The best they could do was 950mhz.

    On top of that, the Guru3d charts show the Hawk card being beaten by the KFA2 GTX460 and the Palit Sonic Platinum GTX460.
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