Is My Q9650@3.75GHz Bottle Necking my GTX 460's in SLI

Hay Guys.

Like the Title says.

I Got 1 EVGA GTX 460 SC EE, Love it, It gets an avg 46fps @ Very High DX10 1440x900 16AF, ect.

I loved it, So I got another, I went SLI, tested and Got 54fps, Nothing like the Near 2x frame increase I saw here in the recent article on 2 GTX 460 SLI.

Right here matter of fact =,2694-6.html

Of Course they Used the Most Hugest CPU they could Find! Intel Core i7-980X Overclocked to 4.00 GHz

But Since Toms didn't use Older Quad Cores in there bench, I can't tell.

So, Tell me I have to wait for Sandy Bridge Now. :cry:

But Thanks for any Help. :)
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  1. Can you please specify your full system specifications, and a max price/location for any upgrade advice given(if need be)
  2. Look for some other reason.. Your CPU is surely not bottlenecking..
  3. I'm gonna guess Crysis, and at that resolution i'd guess it is bottlenecking. At least a little bit for sure.

    What does your Vantage score look like, PPU Disabled?
  4. Hello
    Your scores are normal,because SLI/CF doesn't scale well on low resolutions compared to higher resolutions. That's why your FPS didn't change much.As you can see in that link, the minimum resolution they tested, is 1680x1050.
    So if you want to see a good boost from your second card, i'll definitely recommend getting a new monitor with 1080p resolution.`
  5. No. Your CPU is third-tier. It's definatly not bottlenecking.
  6. Thanks Guys for that info!


    I tested Unigen Heaven Benchmark v2.0, Here's my Result.


    First last night I tested SLI vs Single.

    With 1 GPU I scored 55fps avg, min 28,max 124.

    with SLI I scored 70 avg,37 min, 186 max.

    at 800x600 with same settings obviously.

    Now today, I did a new test at 1440x900.

    I did both in SLI, only I changed my CPU from 3ghz to 4ghz.

    at 3ghz I got , 81 avg,min 8,max 181.

    at 4ghz i got, 87 avg, min 38, max 207.

    Do you think it Could be that Crysis only uses 2 cores? , nah, can't be, Cause Toms did that benchmark.

    Besides, How then did Toms get a higher Frame rate at a Higher Res, then me?

    I don't get it, Thats why All I can thing of is a BottleNeck.

    Thanks guys, I just don't know whats going on, Also When I'm Running Crysis and I check the EVGA Precision it shows the GPU usage at like 60~70% on both GPUs.

    But when I use 1/disable SLI, It is used 99%
  7. Anyone? ''

    Anyone have that same problem?
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